Finding Your Zen

Finding Your Zen

Finding Your Zen
Embracing Mindfulness and Meditation as a Way of Life With Practical, Daily Techniques
By Adam Matthews
Published by Creative Works
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Introducing Finding Your Zen, a book packed with practical, easy-to-use techniques to reduce stress and improve your mind and body.

Rather than trying to start meditation alone, only to quickly fail or lose interest and revert to your bad habits, take the information from this book and ensure mindful meditation becomes a part of your daily process.

With the knowledge from this book, you will quickly notice your stress levels and anxiety-reducing and get replaced by a much happier, more positive outlook on life.

And approaching life this way has so many mental and physical health benefits!
Inside Finding Your Zen, discover:

  • The relationship between mindfulness and meditation.
  • Whether mindful meditation is for you.
  • The science behind meditation and mental health and self-help.
  • Discussion of Buddhism, Theravada, Zen Philosophy, Chakras, Spiritual Growth,
  • The impact that meditation has on self-esteem, personal transformation, spiritual learning, and self-confidence.
  • Simple practices you can incorporate into your life with ease
  • How mindfulness and meditation can help you heal and live with more peace, focus, and improved mental and physical health.
  • Don’t live another day full of stress and worry.
148 pages | $10.98 USD | 6x9 | July 18, 2023

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