The Maverick Manifesto

The Maverick Manifesto

The Maverick Manifesto
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Throughout history, women have played multiple roles critical to the survival and progression of human civilization. Unfortunately, not enough recognition has often been paid to their accomplishments.
The Maverick Manifesto is more than just a book giving factual information about exceptional women in history. It’s a detailed guide designed to empower you with stories of courage that will shift your perspective, make you understand both our past and reality and motivate you to understand the power of women.
Inside The Maverick Manifesto, you’ll discover:

  • A comprehensive look at the queens of antiquity, their influence on the Romans, and how they shaped the world to be what it is today.
  • Medieval women of history and the unbelievable story of the holy warriors.
  • A look at the age of discovery, the noblewomen who influenced it, and the unforgettable encounters that transpired across the Atlantic.
  • The supreme women who triggered the nursing revolution and their essential role in science and technology.
  • The relentless journey to black nationalization and the civil rights movement.
  • What powerful women of the 21st century have set new standards for social justice and equity?

For every chapter in this book, you’ll get to know unique and trailblazing women that will not only inspire you but provide a better understanding of how their actions have permanently shaped history.

Perfect for history enthusiasts and as a study resource for teens.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of women empowerment? Then read The Maverick Manifesto now!

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